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Trading stocks during after-hours trading sessions can have a big effect on the share price an inves [...]

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Trading stocks during after-hours trading sessions can have a big effect on the share price an inves [...]

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During an acquisition, there is a short-term impact on the stock prices of both companies. Typically [...]

To calculate statistical variance in Microsoft Excel, use the built-in Excel function VAR. [...]

Although a silver certificate dollar bill no longer can be exchanged for silver, the date, grade and [...]

Understanding the requirements for tax-free withdrawal from a Roth 401(k) account is key if you want [...]

There are 4 types of yields (bank discount yield, holding period yield, effective annual yield, mone [...]

These seven ETFs with low expense ratios and good track records could make excellent long-term addit [...]

The sale of a put allows market players to potentially own the underlying security at a future date, [...]

A history of the Rothschilds, a prominent family, originally from Germany, that established banking [...]

Zillow and Trulia are industry leaders in the real estate industry, but alternatives do exist. Learn [...]

Kraft Heinz earnings reveal SEC investigation, massive write-offs; stock plunges

Zillow Group replaces CEO Spencer Rascoff with former CEO Rich Barton

Pinterest confidentially files for IPO, with expected valuation around $12 bln

Nasdaq snaps 8-session winning streak as U.S. stocks close lower

Third straight monthly decline puts U.S. existing-home sales at 3-year low

U.S. leading economic indicators dip, with a government-shutdown asterisk

Benchmark U.S. mortgage rates fall to one-year low

Manufacturing PMI slumps to 17-month low even as services sector picks up

Cars and planes are upside standouts in weak December durable-goods data

Philadelphia Fed's new-orders and shipments subindexes turn negative